Bait and Switch

I keep getting annoying messages on my TV that my contract is expiring in 3 month, so I though I would take advanage of Black Friday, that they made a big deal about.    After my contract expires it will go up $32.00.    I called and they quoted me a price first of $116.00 which was to include the Gigabit  Internet connection.   I talked to customer service and they said they would give me a link to my cart, (which did not work).   I went on chat to find out why it did not show up in my cart and he advised me it was actually $135.99 and he would put that in the cart.   That also did not happen so I went on chat for a third time and they told me the actual price was actually 137.99 because the set top boxed were going up $2.00.   I looked in my cart and somehow the 137.99 was actually 158.99.   So from $116.00 to 135.99 to 137.99 but actually is 158.99.   You're saying, well that did not include taxes, fees and other, yes it did, I have an email to prove what I was quoted.    I have to ask myself is this really the type of company I want to deal with.

I have been a customer for almost 4 years, and to be lied to time after time is not a good impression.   I am sure the customer service people quoted me in good faith, but it looks like the Verizon Cart system has a "BIG" bug in it.  

So, what is my next step check the competition, because I can't get a straight answer from Verizon on price.   Sad that a company this big doe not have stable software.   

This tells me to stay away and beware!!!!!!!

Re: Bait and Switch
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Hi jjonkers,

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