Being charged for changing my plan
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It’s unfortunate I have to write this because I usually love Verizon, but in mid February I decided to change my phone plan since I got a notification that my bill would go up $4. Since the new plan I  chose was similar to my old one (other than the hotspot which I have never used) I went ahead and scheduled the change to start in March. I look at my next estimated bill and it’s $152, I’m being charged for a “one time fee”… I’ve been a customer for over a year yet I’m being charged to quite literally downgrade my plan. I’d also like to add that before I switched my plan I made sure that I wouldn’t be charged extra by talking to the automated chat on the app. Also, I made the changes in advanced for the next month rather than immediately so I wouldn’t be charged for anything else. 

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Hello a20. We would love to help. Estimates are Estimates. It may not be correct the first month after a plan change. Is the real bill correct? Whn you can see that, please let us know and we would be happy to review your account via a private message. -Joe