Bill Not Reconciling With Amount Due


I'd like to have conducted this privately but don't see a way to contact Verizon Support by email or DM, and chat either doesn't work on the weekends or isn't available for billing. I'd appreciate a private contact by email or DM from a Verizon Support representative.  

My issue is:

After moving to a new home and transfering my Verizon Internet service, my bill is higher than I'd expect, given my plan(s).  If that's a one time service fee, I understand, though I'd like to see it listed out before I pay it.   

However, my bill lists my total as '$0' and gives no details, saying that my account is disconnected.  As I'm online right now, I can say it hasn't.  All my previous bills are showing up as $0 as well, and they appear empty when I look at the pdfs, though I can see my payment history.  The personalized bill video also doesn't play.

How do I see my actual full bill with the $70.43 due prior to the auto-pay going through on 8/9/15?

Please see screenshots below for more details.  


Re: Bill Not Reconciling With Amount Due

Hi schere,

Please contact Verizon Support directly through Contact Us for questions regarding your bill  For billing issues please contact them during normal business hours.