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Hello I have something I wanna get some assistance with right, as of yesterday I had done disconnected my account as if I was not gonna do anymore business with yall right cause I was having a problem activating one of the lines on my account right, then all of a sudden I had called up customer service and asked for me account to get re-activated right, this time it got activated to the new line on a different number I did not have luck on activating myself right, well that got took care of for me yesterday thankfully, and that line  is now the main line on my account whereas it was line 2 at 1st before I had got it disconnected yesterday, the other line that was the main line for line 1, I wanna say this, after I had got it disconnected yesterday at my request, I had done realized that I had done put some money onto that line before the 1st bill becomes due as the billing cycle starts on it in the next 2 days on the 11th right, and I sure did pay some money onto that line before the 1st bill becomes due so that when the bill becomes available that the $ would be applied/credited to that bill amount making the bill go on down, I had paid 96 dollars I believe under the number to the line that got disconnected yesterday, Is there a way that yall can go into the disconnected line of the phone number on the account that i had paid that $ under and find it and see if it can be transferred over to the new line of a new number on my account as it got re-activated yesterday, or will it already be under the new number on the main line, like if my account number has not changed at all and it may still be under the account number, please let me know and provide me some good assistance to find that money that was put onto the account before the billing cycle gets here in the next 2 days, and when I had made the payments onto the account, I sure had printed it from my email so that I can know the 2 amounts of $ I had put onto the account so that it can be applied towards the bill when it becomes available to start paying on

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Hi, CountryBoy23. Thanks for contacting Verizon Social Media. I'll be delighted to assist you with any question or doubt you may have. Please, contact us through Facebook or Twitter for a personal assistance.