Billed for Service After Disconnection Date

Long story short - I had Fios internet-only installed on 12/27/20.  The service had an outage for multiple people on my street on 1/11 and Verizon said the earliest they could have someone to assess it would be in 2 days. That was unacceptable as my security alarm, security cameras, and job require me the internet.  I canceled my service, on 1/11, received an email from Verizon that states:

Disconnect request order number: {edited for privacy}

           Your services will be disconnected on: Jan 11, 2021

So why is Verizon trying to squeeze the full month of FIOS service billing from me instead of the 2 weeks I had service? This is a pandemic, I need to work as much as I can and your services interrupted my ability to generate income. Now I have a little money left over from my VA disability and Verizon wants to take that, by telling me today that the email doesn't matter, I had service for a full month. I asked for a supervisor and the representative said her supervisor feels the same way and never transferred me.

This is robbery. Verizon is trying to bully me into paying for something I did not receive and claims their email statement confirming my service was disconnected on January 11th means nothing.  I am disabled, but not slow. I will take this to the local and national media, including, but not limited to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today. I am disgusted at anyone taking advantage of the less fortunate, especially a mega company like Verizon, trying to choke the little guy. 

Re: Billed for Service After Disconnection Date
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Hi ArmyMedic,

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