Billed for returned equipment?


I need help! We cancelled our service at the end of May and requested that boxes be shipped to us in order to return our equipment.

The boxes arrived and the equipment was returned in them via UPS by mid-June.

We just received a statement for $1200 for unreturned equipment. We called Verizon and were told the equipment has not been received or processed.

We used their box, applied the shipping label that they sent us along with the box and dropped off the package at the nearest UPS drop off location.

We called UPS but there is no tracking information on the half of the label that remains. UPS can not track the package without a tracking number.

So, Verizon claims that they have not received the equipment and there is nothing they can do. UPS claims that without tracking information they can do nothing. I did exactly what I was supposed to do and have no way to proceed.

The Verizon FiOS TV Equipment Return Program form that was included with the return box says "Please remember, customers are responsible for equipment until returned to UPS/USPS"

I did that and as a result fulfilled my contract obligations. Now they are trying to charge me for the equipment.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this? I'm at my wits end.



Re: Billed for returned equipment?

Let's just say this is not news.  When I had to return some equipment, the guy at the UPS store warned me to hold onto the receipt for up to a year as he had heard about many cases with a similiar outcome.

Good luck.

P.S.  Why would you want to keep it?

Re: Billed for returned equipment?

I also returned equipment - a set-top box for one room where I no longer have a TV -- and got an e-mail that Verizon received the equipment on a date that is about a month following the date UPS delivered and got a delivery signature. Verizon says it will take a month or so to see a credit, but it look s like they'll only credit to the date in the e-mail receipt, not the date UPS delivered it to Verizon. While only about an $11 difference this is troubling if is Verizon's common practice. Why be in a hurry to open boxes....