Billing Complaint

I love Verizon Services, but the original reason I left Verizon seems to rear it's ugly head again. I have CONSTANT frustration with billing. Being charged for things I did not order, which thankfully was resolved (Fox Soccer Plus somehow got added to my package). But lately, auto pay refusing to work for me. EVER. I registered for auto pay before the new year, my expiration dates were valid at the time, but got new card as of the first, so obviously the expiration date changed. So, without being notified that I needed to update the expiration date (I had assumed it would update automatically as the card updates LIKE WITH EVERY OTHER AUTO PAY I USE) I was horrified to log in to find my account was three months past due! SO I enter another card, that doesn't expire until 2020, at the beginning of January and pay the past due amount. Next bill due (MORE than 30 days after the entry of my autopay) and again, no removal of payment from my account.

I call to find out why and this time was told it's an accounting system upgrade and that I would have to REENROLL in Auto pay and tolerate yet ANOTHER 30 day window before auto pay would kick in.

**bleep**??? Really? I have since turned off auto pay since it's not reliable, and have been forced to go back to regular paper billing so I can keep closer track of what's being put on my bill erroniously and what is NOT being auto paid.

REALLY REALLY dissapointed that this isn't easier this time around.