Billing Complaint
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I called Verizon on 8/15/22 having multiple issues-I was on the phone with the representative for 3 hours, we got disconnected twice and she had to call on a landline because my service is so bad.

I had called to ask about International Calling. I told the representative I only needed the service from August 20-September 16, 2022-exactly 1 month

I had surgery upon returning from my trip and then got covid

I just found out that Verizon never stopped billing me for the 1 month international plan which amount to over $660 in charges and customer service only agreed to credit me for $110.00. I relied on them to be ethical and not bill beyond the dates of services requested. My bad for not verifying but I trusted them after having service for 20 years

The representative specifically asked me departure and return dates

Im appalled at these unfair, abusive and unethical billing practices yet I cannot find out where to complain?



Re: Billing Complaint
Customer Service Rep

maria98332, we definitely understand the importance of making sure you manage your account the best way possible. International Monthly plans are available as a one time use or recurring monthly. To clarify, when did you notice the extra $100 plus dollars on your bill?