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Good morning and happy new year. I made a phone call today and I was advised by a Verizon representative to wrote an email about cancelled service. By the way, I spoke with Brian.
Cancel Service Account Number - {edited for privacy}
Primary Phone: {edited for privacy}
Total Due $177.89
I have been regular customer for Verizon Fios since March of 2010. I feel that Verizon was taking advantage of me being loyal customer and not calling Verizon to cancel the existing service and add a new service. I should have done this every time when the contract was expiring. Since I did not contact Verizon, you increased my monthly bill from $79 to $100 and from $100 to $126 to $142 a month. This is not fair. 
I would appreciate if you can look into my above mentioned account and reimburse me the money which I have overpaid rather than showing account balance.
If you have any questions - please call me at {edited for privacy}.
Please see my below new information. 
New Account Number - 
Account number:
{edited for privacy}
You are Enrolled in Auto Pay
Phone Plan
Digital Voice Unlimited Plan
Your Number
{edited for privacy}
Voice Mail Access Number
Total Charges
The Total Due reflects the bill balance at the time it was generated. To view recent payments or recent adjustments please return to the My Bill Home screen or refer to Payment History.
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You completely lost me on your forum post.

increases to the service normally happen when your contract discounts expire and you decide not to renew. Then like most companies they keep raising rates until you cancel all services and look for another provider or call up and dicker back and forth for a new monthly pricing. Verizon is like I said not the only company that does this. Cable is just as greedy.

now having said that are you still a customer? If you are not you can put in for a refund if there is a credit balance on your account. If you are still a customer and you are being billed TURN OFF AUTO PAY NOW!

You don’t want Verizon to have the ability to drain your account for non service. Notify the bank or credit card company that auto pay has been terminated. You may need to write your credit card company or bank telling them not to honor any auto debits from Verizon.

however if the account shows a balance owed, pay it and get a receipt. If not call 1-800-VERIZON and make sure the billing department puts in a refund of overpayment and get your money back.

You can also do a chargeback on that amount if Verizon shows it as a payment.

again the bank will intervene for you.