Billing Dispute

I'm really annoyed to the fact that I was not able to watch the past UFC PPV fight. When I tuend to the channel at 10pm est to beging watching the event I was preseted with an error message on my screen saying "PPV Event is not Available" After almost 2 hours on the phone with support and customer service they assured me that I would not be billed for the fight.  

Well guess what...  I checked my bill tonight and I was greeted with a charge of 59.99 for a PPV event I didn't even get to watch.  

I want this resolved ASAP.  And i'm still unable to tune into any PPV events.  I'm presented with the same lovely yellow triangle with a message that say "PPV Event is not Available" 

One annoyed customer.

Re: Billing Dispute
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You need to contact the Verizon billing department. This is a peer to peer support forum, and only that department can help with your issue.