Billing Dispute

I am having a very unfortunate billing issue and am wondering if anyone here has run into the same situation.

I have been a Verizon FIOS customer for many years and have only recently discovered (even after calling a number of times to discuss our bill) that there has been an erroneous charge of $16.99 added to my bill from January of 2012 to date for equipment that we don not have in our home.  The charge popped up on the bill after a year or so of becoming a Verizon customer and it is not a very clear line item as it appears in conjunction with our equipment charges for 2 TV's. It was only after a line by line review with a very professional customer service representative that we discovered the error.  I am now being told, however,  that they will only reimburse me for a small portion of the charges I incurred because I did not discover the issue earlier and should have called when I noticed the error.  I find this to be unacceptable and a very poor response to someone who has been a loyal customer for many years. This is not a small dollar amount as you can see and not being compensated appropriately is not something that I would have expected from a company as large as this. 

Have any of you experienced the same or similar issues??

Suffice it to say....I am extremely angry and disaapointed.

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