Billing Issue with ordering On Demand movie and having it become pixelated or go black/dissapear
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I have had the same issue for over a year and a half.  Whenever we would order an On Demand movie the movie would become pixelated, the sound was all distorted and then the video would time out.  When watching TV,  the picture would go black,  we would have sound and the info bar on the bottom but no picture.   We made numerous calls to technical support, we rebooted the boxes, they sent bullets and sent techs out to our house to replace the splitter.   The issue would be fixed for a little bit but always start back up.  They have yet to fix my issue with the Quantum Internet that has to be the worse thing out there but that is a whole other story. 

This last time we had the issue they sent "ANOTHER" tech to the house. They replaced the cable that runs from the outside box to inside the house because the original installation tech ran the wire under the carpet in a high traffic walk way.  This seemed to have worked since we have not had the issue since, however I am not holding my breath.   Now I get a charge on my bill for $91.00.  Never was I informed that there was going to be any kind of charge by either the Customer Service Rep who scheduled the service call or by the tech himself.  

 I called Verizon to dispute this charge and spoke with a Supervisor by the name of Jay {edited for privacy} I am informed that they will not remove the whole charge, they only guarantee their work for 90 days after it is done and the best they can do is 50%.  Even though this is a long time service issue and was caused by the crappy initial installation. They are not standing behind their work.  Once my contract is up I am done with Verizon and their terrible work and customer service. I would do it sooner but I refuse to pay any extra $170 to Verizon to cancel my contract early.  Verizon charges enough for their services you think they could train their employees to be thorough.  They should stop worrying about lining their pockets and worry about the quality of their service. 

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