Billing Issue
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I was in a pretty bad place and I contacted several phone carriers. My phone carrier Metro wouldn't do anything for me after 27 years of being with them. So I contacted Verizon and sat on a chat and on the phone for 17 hours. I was told by a manager in sales that they would love to help me and get my service. Considering how long I had spent with Metro I didn't have a dollar to my name. My house burned down. Didn't have anywhere to live. Nothing I had nothing. The person man that I spoke with said not to worry about it. He was going to set it up to where all I had to do was go in and pick up the phone and pay the taxes on it. It was 44. I think I tried to tell him I didn't even have $4.. he told me when I got the money all I had to do was go up there. Pay the taxes. There would be a notation under my email saying that Verizon would pay my phone bill for the next 3 months to give me time to get back on my feet. I was so happy you have no idea what it means to have one person, just one or one company actually care! I have emailed. I have tried to call. I've done everything I possibly can over the last week to get in touch with them about why I was told this why I was lied to! Because I received my bill and that's $130. Well $127! I understand the first month is usually higher activation fees and all that but!!! I can't get anyone to listen to me. They said they can't find a connection labor day weekend of me even speaking to anyone at that company under my account! Because I didn't have an account. I had never been with them and they will not listen to me! They treat me as if I'm lying about the whole thing. I'm making it up or I'm some crazy person... It's not like there's a phone number you can call and actually talk to somebody who sorry but speaks English or that will listen to you and every time I do call they put me on hold and never come back. And now I'm trying to talk to them because I don't see where the ACP was added on to my account that I told them about a month ago. You know since my house burned my credit has went to nothing because I've had to completely blow my credit cards out. But you know what I think I'm going to wait until they cut this phone off and take it back to him and go somewhere else. I would rather be without a phone then be with the company that will lie to you repeatedly! I'm not 19 anymore. I'm 51 years old. This is not a game. This is my life and they treat you like you're nothing.

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