Billing Issue
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Does anyone know which telephone number I can call to discuss a major billing issue?  Please don't give me 1-800-837-4966 or refer me to the Chat.  I was on the phone yesterday (February 29th) for nearly 4 hours and all they did was try to sell me stuff, but no one helped me. 

In fact, one of the Call Technicians, "William," berated me and blamed the billing issue on the fact that I ordered equiment ONLINE rather than MAKE A CALL to get the equipment.  He told me that my bill being screwed up was all my fault, and then he proceded to try and sell me a plan that would eventually cost me $90 more per month than I am paying now.   Then he offered me another plan with a so-called "free" router.  I refused to go for that without seeing something in writing, and I asked him to email me the plan.  When I persisted in asking to speak to someone in billing, he made excuses and I was tired so I terminated the call. 

When I went on the Chat later in the afternoon, the very same thing happened.  The Agent kept on trying to sell me the same expensive plan that would cost me $90 more per month than I pay now.  When I asked for someone in billing to help me, this Agent said I would have to go to the local Verizon Store for help with that and that he could not transfer me to billing.

Evidentally, both the online Agent and "William" were very angry that I did not buy the expensive plan that I cannot afford on my fixed income, and so I was abused and "thrown out."

So I went to the Verizon store this afternoon only to learn that they cannot help me and that the nearest office that could help is in Maryland, another state.

So here I am, completely stuck.  My complete bill is in error and I have WRITTEN PROOF FROM VERIZON that the bill is wrong and no one will help me.

Does anyone have the actual telephone number for the Billing Department?  Any help here would be hot.  I have to pay the taxes on my home and I cannot afford to pay this outrageous bill and wait for a later correction.