Billing dispute-COMPLAINT!!!

I have lost count of the amount of times I have had to call/text/chat etc. to get all of my missing promotions added!!! I order my devices in 11/2023 under the FREE device promos for iPhone, iwatch, ipad, and ear buds.. with new service and trade in devices. I have actually already filed an #fcccomplaint over all of this, and still NO CORRECT RESOLUTION! I thought I was making progress today with Michael who promised and assured me he would call me back to handle the rest of my issues , bc I couldn’t stay on the phone any longer  bc I have to work especially to pay this bill!!!! I am extremely #unhappy!!  And just like I assumed and told him, he did not call me back! The closest store to me is over 50 miles away, or else I would have already gone there to get help. I know when I used to #work@VZW if I preformed even one time… the same way my issue has been handled multiple times  now.. I would have had consequences. I am baffled to say this is the worst experience I have ever had in a business transaction for such expensive services devices, and fees (and this is only one of the MANY problems I have had since activation of my devices!!! I am quite infuriated so I am praying this reaches someone who will take care of my issue like yesterday!! 

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