Billing dispute on closed account
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I closed my account last month, after being here for more than 3+ years with around (9+ ) lines on my account. I see a pro-rated change on my bill for last month. I have no idea, why? I chatted with your customer support, but they are gone in between and still haven't got any answers, but they acknowledge it is the good and correct question (I have the chat transcript). I just changed my mobile phone (bought a new phone), but the plan, number remains the same. But, I see there is a change in the charge pro-rated.

Since I closed the account, I couldn't get the privileges to chat with customer support easily and also they left in between when I somehow found a way to chat with them. It seems very bad. But now, I have still not got any answer on why there is a charge pro-ratedly. I am 200% confident that there shouldn't be any charge on the bill as the line is closed within the cycle period. I now have no clue on how to get an answer.

Getting a customer support over a phone is a pain and very annoying. I have to wait hours to literally talk with someone.

Anyone here to help?

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