Billing errors persisted for over a year and now sent to collection agency

This is for an account opened in 1962.  After the 88-year old account older passed in 2019, the name on the account was switched to his 82-year old wife.  Immediately, there were errors in billing - double billing for internet services, not receiving the bundle price offered, etc. - that persisted for over a year.  Each month, we would call to complain.  Beginning in November 2019, we were told that Verizon had credited our account such that our bill was paid in full, which we could see on our online account which reflected what the representative told us re: credits to our account/bill paid in full.  The billing errors persisted.  In Feb. 2020, the representative discovered that Verizon had erroneously created a summary account that the account holder could not access and that most of the representatives with whom we spoke and would speak could not access.  Despite believing this summary account was closed in Feb. 2020, it continued, unbeknownst to us until June 2020.  In June 2020, we believed that all errors had been resolved.  We paid our bill in full in July 2020.  Then we received a letter from a collection agency this week stating that we owed Verizon $883.09.  Our account, which we can access online, still does not reflect that we owe any amount or otherwise explain/itemize this amount.  Verizon has not sent a corrected bill or otherwise explained these charges.  (Rather, representatives have routinely said they could not assist and transferred us to another department.  Today, we've spoken with billing, then transferred to financial, then transferred to billing, then transferred to fraud (if there's fraud here, it's on Verizon's end), then transferred to another department where we're told we'll be on hold for over an hour. )  Verizon cannot claim that our bill is paid in full each month, then send us to a collection agency for $883.09.  This is an 82-year old customer.  And this needs to be resolved immediately.

Re: Billing errors persisted for over a year and now sent to collection agency
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Hi BJB38,

As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help with a resolution of your issue.