Billing issue-billed twice in one month

I recently join Fios and I can't complain about the fios its awesome. The only thing is I been having so many issues with my payments and billing. I paid my first bill on 10/7 and once again I was billed 10/18. That twice in one month. I tried calling but I was on hold for a long time. I think this is not right, how can you bill a person twice a month I never seen such thing. Like I said the fios is great but the service sucks. Its frustrating when I have to take time out my day to call verizon all the time. I'm hoping someone can help me out ASAP and give me a refund ASAP.

Re: Billing issue-billed twice in one month

This is a customer helping customer forum. However first thing I would do is if on autopay is to cancel it and then call your bank and dispute the second payment.

its quicker with you disputing the second payment.

after Verizon is blocked just make one time payments either online or at the store it’s a better thing to do then get dinged all the time.