Billing issue

I switched to a different carrier early July 2023 and canceled my service with Verizon. I contacted Verizon on 2 occasions (7/7/23 and 7/11/23) and said "Hey, I know I need to pay my devices off. What's  my final payment on that." They assured me I owed nothing. The 2nd time I called they mentioned it was marked as a "carrier pay off" meaning the carrier I was switching to was paying them off. Which yes, was correct, but my new carrier was giving me the money on a card to pay. The 2nd call on 7/11/23, I requested they remove my debit card and never charge that card. They agreed. Fast forward to 7/21/23 and they debit my checking account for over $1,000. I called them 7/24, they apologized and said they'd issue a refund and I'd definitely have it within 3 business days. Nothing.  On 7/28 I called and was informed the refund was rejected and there was nothing they could do.  

When I removed my card information and revoked my consent to be charged on that card, Verizon billing me was fraudulent, right?

Why did I cancel in the first place after 13 years of loyalty? My mother lost her phone which triggered multiple contacts to Verizon  to try to resolve. Time and time again, they lied.  They promised a replacement device and said it was being never showed up and then they said there was no record of that. The saga was never ending and every call was like I was being punk'd.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Redcurtain34789, I'm sorry to hear you went through such difficulty after canceling your services. We want to help ensure that your account and billing is in order. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Note.