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I have had it with this company! I returned a iPhone 12 bc the screen went black on me (from what Apple said the reasons being a malfunction of the phone itself) I requested that I get a replacement! I sent the original one back & a week later I see a charge for over  $300 bc they said it was damaged   The person whomever it was that handled the phone after receiving it to their warehouse prob broke it! Either way it’s insane that verizon swears nothing like has happened and couldn’t happen all bc they take a picture of it when they received it! Btw that does not mean it was not damage between the person taking it out of the box and the picture being taken! I’m so upset & fed up! #overcharging

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They wrong for that the way they are doing you, and today I sent back the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra as I decided I did not wanna keep it with it being an expensive device for me to want to keep, they need to step their game up,