Just curious if others find this confusing. Received today notice on my tablet of a BILL DUE notice. I checked and my Oct 22 due date was paid thru my bank on Oct 12. It was posted on my account and shown on here on Oct. 14. I was confused.

Then I looked at my bill on this site, the BILL DUE notice is for a upcoming bill due Nov24! Why does Verizon send notices out for DUE BILL that hasnt even been received in the mail? Its only been 10 days since the LAST PAYMENT was due.

It causes so much confusion and I spent take checking on line my bank statement, checking my account on here and of course venting my fustration on here. Can't Verizon wait one more week or two to send out BILL DUE notices for a bill that isn't even due for another 23 days!!!!!!!


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You're not the only one who's having a problem with Verizon's billing system.  Smiley Sad