I am posting in this forum, as I have had a terrible experience with customer service over the phone.  

Last month, our Fios was down.  When I called, I was assured that there was an issue in our area and that it would be fixed by 10am the next day.  No problem.  However, it was not fixed the next day or the day after that.  I called again and the customer service agent said he would be able to send someone over to take a look at the end of that week.  He came at the end of the week and determined that there had been a problem with the wires and the pole outside.  He fixed it fairly quickly.  However, not only did we go over a week without services, but we subsequently had to pay outrageous data fees because our wifi with our triple play package was also down.  I do not think we should have to pay the full amount for last month, given that we did not have any services for 25% of the month at no fault of our own.  Please also note that there were not any storms in the area at this time to cause this either.  

Thank you!

Re: Billing

This is a customer helping customer forum. We can do nothing about billing issues.

call 1-800-VERIZON and speak to a representative. However please note unless you called in and had it noted as no service for xxxx number of days, more than likely no credit will be forthcoming.

but call and see. What can it hurt?