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Every time I call I get a different answer and even though everyone swears they're keeping records mysteriously no one can find whatever the last records were. I have been payingfor service on three phones and a tablet needlessly since April of 2020. Pretty sure that since my father died he has not been using his phone and tablet. Every time I would call in to get that taken off my bill they would tell me that the price was the same and they didn't need to take it off because it didn't matter. I have called about that many many times and getting the same answer and then FINALLY someone agreed with me and said we can take them off at the bill and it will listen the monthly payment. What I explained what I was told in the past they said they were going to look into a refund. Then I call again and I'm told nope they don't do that at all The most they might be able to do is one $80 credit. I was also told that we could upgrade with no down payment and no monthly fee to a flip or a fold. I had that explains to be several times because it sounded too good to be true. They said I needed to wait until my new billing cycle to check on it. The new person said No that doesn't make any difference. There's no way to get the fold without extra monthly payments. They do this every time and I do suspect it's on purpose that they get you geared up to get a free new phone and then you're so disappointed not to get it that you pay the extra you were told you wouldn't have to. Plus no one is keeping records of calls every time someone mentioned something specific and I ask if it's going to be in the notes they say yes and then mysteriously when I talk to someone else there's no notes taken. I have been working on this on and off since April of 2020. Get someone please help me and give me a definitive answer and some restitution?

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Hello, SUENOUVEAU, we're glad to help you out with your billing concerns. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Note.