COMPLAINT and Getting No Help

I've been a verizon wireless customer for more than 20 years. I am writing this as a last attempt to have my issue resolved. 

My Pixel 2 had many issues.  When I chatted with Google several mos ago they had told me that my Pixel 2 had a manufacturers defect. I had thought maybe it was me, but they confirmed it was not, it was the phone. I have the chat transcript. They suggested I contact Verizon Wireless about this so they could apply the warranty - that is good until May - to my phone.

I went to the Verizon store in Newtown Square, Pa. The sales agent Dan said that the Pixel 2 was no longer available and the warranty could not be honored anyway. Instead, he said I could upgrade. I also noticed that my device was ready to upgrade when I went online previously before going to the store. Before I purchased the iPhone XR I asked the sales agent the same question I would imagine most Verizon Wireless customers ask, “How will my bill change?”. I wanted to be sure that here was no substantial increase in my monthly bill. He told me it would be about $40 more. So, I paid an extra $100 to reduce my monthly payment closer to what I am paying now. I always ask this question because I never want any surprises. Especially now, because I am recovering from a financial hardship. I also gave him my Pixel 2 for a trade-in.

When I got my bill this month my bill had an extra one-time charge of $280.29! Here are the charges that anyone has yet to prove to me why they are their on the bill:
Dev pymt upgrade fee $40.00

Equip CC chargeback OR NSF adj $216.64

First I tried Verizon chat and did not get any resolution. Then, I was on the phone with Verizon Wireless for over an hour being shuffled between customer service agents, and being on hold for up to 15 minutes at a time. I finally spoke to a manager who a customer service agent was working with and he concluded without validated proof that my Pixel 2 was not ready to be upgraded and thus the charge. And, he said I should go back to the Verizon store I bought the phone from. When I called the store he was not working on that day. I wrote him an email asking if he could please research the issue and tell me what happened, and, that I would appreciate him confirming my request if it was going to take him time to figure out what happened. He never responded in here day. I went to the store yesterday and spoke to a manager who works there a couple days a week, I believe his name is Kevin. He said Dan was not working that day either. He also said that the transaction never should have went through because I was not eligible yet for the upgrade, and, that he would get back to me. Also, He had no record of my Pixel 2 being a part of the transaction. Even stranger is that I sent yet another email to the sales agent Dan since hewas not responding and I git a delivery failure on the email I sent him, like he is no longer on the system? Too, its been days and the manager Kevin never got back to me. 

Its now been two days and the manager, Kevin, has not gotten back to me. It’s been five days and the sales agent, Dan, has not called me back either! I am quite frustrated being charged for something that no one at Verizon has yet to explain or resolve for me. I never would have signed a new contract for the new iPhone has d I known there would be any extra charges. And, why did both the sales agent not tell me that I was not eligible yet and the Verizon Wireless website say I was ready for an upgrade. I cannot afford to pay this one-time charge and badly need someone to step up at Verizon to help me with this issue. 

Thank-You, Tom M

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