Calling Customer services -- Rather bang your head against a wall

Based on my experiences over the last 24 hours, I have concluded that customer service at verizon is probably the worst, and if you took Verizon services,  do not get into a situation wherein you need to speak to the representatives. They represent a collection {please keep your posts courteous}, who sit there and just about diverting customer calls to other departments

So, I have been using Verizon Fios Internet and TV services since Sep 2013. The service served my purpose pretty decently and i did not have any issues up until yesterday evening (8/18/2014). 

I am moving to a new location on Sunday the 24th of August. I called up Verizon customer service to disconnect my services as the new location did not have Verizon Fios services. The lady who answered my phone took all the information, and asked me when i would like to disconnect the services. I specifically said Sunday, the 24th of august.. after everything was done she said - so to confirm, the services will be discontinued as of 28th august.. I stopped her there and told her that she had taken the date wrongly.. for which she apologized and said the date has been corrected and we were all set. I just needed to return the equipment back.After i hung up,to my utter surprise, I realized that my internet and Tv services were disconnected immediately. I do not understand how Sunday the 24th even sounds like "today immediately". 

I picked up my phone and called Verizon customer service again.. the gentleman who answered the phone said " well, your service has been disconnected completely. And if you want to restore it, we will need to create a new account, i will have to charge you with the standard activation charges and that it would take atleast 3-4 business days"... And while i was just talking decided to hang up..

I called back, another reprensentative answered the phone. He explained pretty much the same process but atleast showed some willingness to help me out. he went ahead, created a new account for me, gave me an order number and directed me to technical services to complete the order. when technical services tried to complete the order, they came upon a situation wherein the tenants who will be moving in after me had also ordered for Verizon services... he kept me on hold to speak to sales, and after a long wait finally came back saying that the issue has been resolved and that my services would be restored overnight.. 

When i woke up today morning (8/19/2014), the services were still not on. So, I called technical services again. a lady answered my call, and came up with the same answer about the next tenant placing an order and that my order could not go through because that was conflicting with my order.. Having said this, she directed me to account services.. the lady who answered my phone here probably was half asleep or probably was even sleeping on the phone.. I explained the situation to her only to get this response - " And what do you want me to look into for you sir" .. I had a very strong urge to let go of all my frustration... But this one was not as bad

She transferred me to someone in sales... This gentleman heard my story and came up with a straight NO. The only way to make my order go through was if somehow that new tenant were to cancel his order allowing my order to go through.. I have no idea how he hoped to accomplish this. if that werent bad enough he started finding fault in me calling to disconnect yesterday ... According to him, the day one calls to initiate a disconnect request is considered as effective day... I tried to explain to him giving an example that if i told him to disconnect my service he wouldnt just do it right away... This is where i got the response.. he replied "Yes but sir i dont deal with disconnecting services" ... Unbelievable !!!

The only good thing he did was to direct me to the retention dept where a sensible woman helped me out .. put in an offline ticket or something with a note that service needs to be restored ASAP..this is what should have been done in the first place rather than tossing me around from one dept to another.within an hour i received an email stating my services were activated but it still wasnt complete.. i had to call tech services again, be on call with them for anoither 45 mins after which finally services were restored.... All of this hassle just because that one woman decided to disconnect my service immediately instead of Sunday the 24th.

I believe its ok to not know a solution to customer problems... but giving lame solutions like the one telling me if the new tenant were to cancel his order to let my order go through,, is something i feel is unacceptable level of service... You guys work on this every single day.. i think the representatives need to understand that though this service if not similar to a medical emergency, is still something that needs to be given attention to... The customer pays for services and that is inturn the money you get in your paychecks.. if you dont have customers, you wont have your paychecks either.. I am glad that I'll be  out of Verizon in the next few days... If possible, i would never again want to call customer service.. i'd rather bang my head against a wall 😛