Can Verizon store help with billing questions?

My January bill included service charges for 1/31-2/28.  My February bill included service charges for 2/4-2/28.

My service was not activated until 2/4 which took 2 trips and 3.5 hours at a Verizon store because there was a typo in setting up my new phone - wrong number.  For my trouble the manager waived my activation fee and Feb service charge or so I thought….

My bills charge me for 1/31-2/4 when I didn’t have service.  And double charge me for 2/4-2/8.  After 1.5 hours on chat this evening I am no closer to a resolution.  They are claiming that the credits I was given by the store manager on 2/4 are the credit for the billing inaccuracies.  Thinking my best best is to add on to the 5 hours I’ve already wasted due on Verizon’s errors and poor customer service and go back into the store which is 20 min away???  Feel like the manager there is the only one who can help me.


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