Can anyone explain how Verizon pro rates bills when upgrading service?

I upgraded a triple play that went from a base price of $119.99 to $124.99. My old bill with taxes and everything was around $138 total, so I was expecting my next bill to be somewhere around $147, $138 + $5 + partial month of the upgrade which I would assume would be some percentage of the $5. Got my bill today and it's just under $162. The rep on the phone basically read back to me what I could already see on the bill but couldn't really explain it. I asked her to explain how a $5 increase in package price ends up being $20 more than my last bill. Anyone have experience with upgrading service and billing issues?

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It depends on when the changes are made to your account. Because Verizon charges a month in advance, when you make changes they have to account for that and prorate your account. The amount changes depending when on your cycle you make the change. So changing your service with 3 days into your billing cycle will change the amount drastically compared to say 3 says before the cycle ends. If you need specific assistance with computing your prorated charges, please send me a private message.