Can someone make sense of this math for me? Not having a good feeling after visiting store.

See attached photo. 

So, a phone was lost. Called support. Was told to go to a corporate store to get sim for older phone. (S9). Went there, was told that they can't? Because all sims are 5G now? Um, fine. I mentioned that one of the lines is almost paid off. Suggested paying that off and upgrading so we had a phone. They suggested we sign up for a new line, because it will be cheaper month to month, and we get a free phone. Um, ok. Check account after we leave. OF COURSE it's not cheaper. It's an extra line! Go back to store. Same rep insists we work with him. Return phone. Asked that the line we didnt even want get canceled. Go home. Guess.....line wasn't cancelled! And then....after paying $70 something the day before for the "free" phone, we returned it, paid the restocking fee (dumb policy, Verizon), and got the $20 something back? Nope. Of course not. We had to pay $1. I fully believe the store rep either had no idea what they were doing or were shady. Does that photo I attach sort of back that up? $45 for the do more plan? We never even said we wanted that! All the other lines had Welcome Unlimited. I am just posting this to confirm that I have a point here, and have justification to get my money back. 



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Customer Service Rep
Oh, wow! We are truly sorry to see you in this dilemma. Being on top of your account is crucial, especially if you are managing your bill/plan/equipment/cost. Our priority is to make sure all this is addressed/corrected fairly and to your liking, as our goal is to ensure full customer satisfaction. Please send us a Private Note to further assist you. ~Gilbert