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So i have a weird situation.  My contract is comming to an end in 4 weeks (I have phone, internet and tv).  All i want is internet as I get more spam calls than real ones on the home phone and I plan on streaming TV.  I called VZ and was told that the price for internet only would be more than advertised because I was canceling 2 services.  I am not canceling, my contract is expiring.  Moving forward I only want 1.  I was told to cancel my service on the date my contract ends, then open a new contract under my wifes name for the same day to be concidered a new customer.  That seems very weird.  I would think verizon would over its 15+ year customers a better promotion than a new customer?  So i cancel my contract on the day it expires and open a new one under my wifes name?

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This is discussed at DslReports as a work around to get better pricing. Stupid policy or work around I know.

you can get internet only gigabyte speed for around $70 complete with no taxes and maybe a bogus surcharge of $2.49 in NY. If not in NY its $70.

do not sign a contract go month to month. Pricing will raise a few dollars on year three.

you wife will have to pass a credit check so keep that in mind. Do not use auto pay.

additionally call one day before to have it turned off on last day of billing month or you get dinged for another full month. The install date should be the same day as the cancellation date to not lose internet. Stay firm, Verizon will try to talk you out of leaving or transfer you all over to make it harder to cancel. But depending on who you speak to it will be ok.