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I want to cancel the wifi and tv services so I tried to call the hotline to cancel. An agent asked me about the installation date but it was a long time ago since I started using the services and I had no memory about it. Then she told me I had to wait for a mail which would come to my mailbox within a week, having a pin to verify the information. I told her since my billing cycle would end in the next two days and I did not want any extra charge if I waited for the mail to come. She told me to not worry since she would take notes about my case to their system, indicated that I wanted to cancel the service right away and there would be no extra charge. Is there anyone dealing with this situation before? Any hope that Verizon actually does what the agent told me since it seems confusing and there is no email to confirm what she said would be what Verizon's gonna do at all ?

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there is no such thing as a PIN TO CANCEL

they are stringing you along to get that extra month of money.

call 1-800-VERIZON again and get it turned off or tell them you will contact your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission via google search.

you must act quickly. Do it today.