Cannot view or change services "Please contact the Verizon Local Business Office"

Every time Verizon tries to access my account information, I get the error message below. Specifically happens when trying to Change Plan, Change Channel Pack, Change Router, View Promotions. 

This happens on my PC (Windows 10), laptop (Mac), and my phone (Android app). Tried different browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Happening for more than 2 days now. 

Please contact the Verizon Local Business Office

We're Sorry, we're unable to continue your order at this time.
Please try again later or contact your local Verizon Business Office for assistance.

1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966)    

I cannot change or see any of my plan settings! Also why can I not sign in to forums with my Verizon ID?? Why did I have to create a community account??

Re: Cannot view or change services "Please contact the Verizon Local Business Office"
Community Leader
Community Leader

I had the same unable to access account details issue earlier in the week.  It went away after a couple of days.

Not being able to sign on to the forums with your Verizon ID I believe indicates an issue with the SSO process.  I also had this same problem back in February of 2015.

I, and several other with the same issue, created second IDs as you did to access the forums.  I guess somewhere that raises red flags and a moderator stepped in and resolved the issue after a few days.

I believe the moderator was ElizabethS, let me forward your thread to her and see if she remembers how it was resolved then.