Cart Credit Hold: Past Due Balance on another Verizon Account
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Cart Credit Hold:

Verizon says my mom, the account owner has a past due balance on another account when she clearly does not. The only Verizon account she has had is the one we have had now that we have had since we left Sprint many years ago. We paid over $600 this past month for our monthly bill and this is the thank you we get for being a loyal long time customer. There are four lines on the account in need of assistance. The first two have issues where if someone calls them or if they call someone, the devices have to be put on speaker to hear clearly. The other two decides are paid off and are unable to upgrade due to the past due balance that Verizon says my mother owes in which she does not. I have reported Verizon to the Better Business Bureau numerous times and now the FCC because of their ignorance and lack of care for our account as well as on behalf of other customers that they fail to listen to or to have their answers and questions  go unanswered and resolved. The Verizon Executive Relations Department absolutely has no respect or care either for loyal customers. One of the agents by the name of Nancy at Executive Relations is hateful and needs to be fired. Verizon, you need to do better and start listening to your long time loyal customers instead of brushing them off like they don’t matter.

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Re: Cart Credit Hold: Past Due Balance on another Verizon Account
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We strive to provide great service for our customers, so this is definitely not something we enjoy hearing. Please send us a Private Note, so we can work with you personally. *Matthew