Charged 18 months on a Cable Box left behind by previous owner

To whom it may concern: it's unfortunate that Consumers must imperatively draw the short straw with every anomaly Verizon makes.

Here's the straw that broke this camel's back:

  • I moved my service to a different city - and was sent a router (quantum gateway) along with it
  • That router did not 'plug and play' and I kept the same router that was left behind in that house
  • Verizon (to date) has not noted that the Router they sent me is not the Router I am being charged for (NOTE: ONLY THEY HAVE THE IDENTIFICATION OF THE ROUTER - NOT AVAILABLE TO CONSUMERS TO VERIFY WHAT YOU ARE GETTING CHARGED FOR)
  • My account (to date - see date in screenshot) shows the Router that Verizon delivered to me - NOT THE ONE I'VE BEEN CHARGED FOR FOR 18mo:


  • Since I had a different router active, I chatted with a Rep and they said that I WILL be charged until I return the router (last month)- so I returned it (the one shown above today)
  • I find a charge for the Router in my Verizon Bill
  • Customer Service call claimed 'since I used a Verizon Owned Router - that's what I am being charged for)NOT THE ONE SHOWN IN THE ABOVE IMAGE IN MY ACCOUNT THAT WAS RETURNED !!
  • Since I was on the phone for over 1 hour with customer support and waiting over 5 minutes to spreak with the supervisor 'John' - I decided to open a Chat window alongside.
  • I explained to the Rep (Elon) on the Chat that I'd had enough, to which he responded that this was a 'billing mistake'
  • On the Phone, I told 'supervisor John' who claimed that Elon did not research prior to responding to me
  • John clearly stated that there was nothing that could be done about this.
  • Apparently Verizon has the right to charge for 'ANY' equipment they own - and assumes no liability for:
    • Not informing me that the router I was using is not the one they sent
    • Not informing me that I was being charged for a router I did not consent to leasing and was not delivered to my house by Verizon
    • Displaying the wrong modem information under 'My Account' regarding my router
    • NOT displaying the Modem Information I am being charged for to be able to 'identify and resolve' the issue (only employees have that info)

To me, this is basically saying that Consumer means Nothing to Verizon.

In this day and age, I don't see this institution surviving long with this attitude.

I am switching to different provider this week.

And thereafter, if Verizon Fios fails to fully remove alll equipment from my premises and ensure all holes and damages are repaired, I am determined to pursue action(s).

Re: Charged 18 months on a Cable Box left behind by previous owner

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.