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When we started our service we were told that when we move it would be no problem to either transfer the service or cancel (if were are outside a service area). We just moved out of our apartment after two years, and moved in with family for a month or two to save more for our mortgage down payment and to give us buying flexibility while in the housing market, shopping for our own home.

Since we don't have a verifiable new address yet, Verizon won't pause our service until we move. And since our relatives place is within their service range, we are getting slammed with a hefty cancellation fee, even though our relatives at our current address pay for a very large and expensive Verizon Fios package! I reported our move a few days after we left but since it was just after the start of a billing cycle I'm getting charged an entire month of unused service in addition to the cancellation fee.

Wow. What a great way to repay customer loyality. My husband and I have been customers for over 15 years between wireless and internet plans and there is absolutely no coorporate respect or flexibility to pause our service to help us bridge the gap while we move. Just fines and fees. Really nice.

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If it's not too late.(cancelled service is final) you can suspend service for a few months

i believe up to 6 months and if you purchase your new home you can then cancel and your new address if not in a service area can then have no early termination fee.

if you have had fios for two years why are you still in a contract with early termination fees? Did you resubscribe?

try suspension of service to alleviate those pesky etf.