Charged for Pay Per View I didn't even watch

I called Verizon the day before the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight to cancel pay per view I ordered online (not my set top box). I wanted to cancel as I didn't want to watch it anymore. 

Verizon Rep said I cannot cancel (for some technical reason) and that if I don't tune into the channel I will not be charged for the fight.

Guess what?!?! $99.99 charge was there on my bill!!!!! What's up with this false information I got from the Verizon Rep the first time? Now, I have to end up calling Verizon AGAIN and go through the infinite amount of menus just to talk to someone AGAIN, after I tried to cancel it the first time I called. 

Poor customer service. 

Re: Charged for Pay Per View I didn't even watch
Master - Level 1

Call 800-VERIZON and ask for the billing department and explain the situation to them.