Charged for broken phone
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I was charged for a broken phone that I sent in but when I sent it the phone was not broken! Verizon charges me $350 for a phone they broke! I sent the phone in bc the screen went black out of nowhere! Got a replacement then was charged! I even have a picture of the iPhone before I sent it in where it shows no cracks any where! What do I do!??!

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Hey Blue83, I know I would be concerned if I had shipped a phone and later was charged for a damaged device. We also take pictures as the device is received into our warehouse, and any damage is recorded. You would have received these same pictures if damage was found with the device when it was received. We can take a closer look into this concern. Please be on the lookout for a private message from us.

Also, so you can understand what  we look for with damage, you can see some examples here: