Charged for on demand not ordered

We had fios tv and internet installed August 7, 2020. We have been contacted them numerous times about issues and most have been resolved. The one that is still unresolved and is over the top for me, and may very well become the reason we cancel and go to Xfinity, is that they are billing us $19.99 for a on demand movie they claim was ordered on August 8, 2020. First of all no one was home that day, we were out of town, on the other side of the country. Second it is for a movie that we never would have ordered even if we did use the on demand feature, which we never do. We received an email stating it was ordered but the email looked like an advertisement for the product and when we went in and looked at the account (we have screenshots of the account) there were no titles listed in the library of ordered movies so we ignored the email until we we actually received our bill and the charge is still on it. We called only to be told they cannot do anything about it once that email has gone out.  HUH??? So you just randomly charge people $19.99 for things they never ordered, things they never watched and then say there is nothing you can do about it? I asked the representative who I could contact who could help me, five times I asked this, and every time I received the response that he could not help me because the email had been sent. He avoided my question every time I asked. Now I have read on here numerous people on here saying the same has happened to them. Verizon is making a lot of money by charging people for things they did not order, quite the scam they have going. We have set a pin on the account but I just read where someone posted that even with a pin this happened to them so I am not really confident that it will stop it from happening again. We actually thought at first that it was something the installer had done when he was here and that was why it never showed up in the library and we assumed the charge would disappear. I am still at a loss for how something gets ordered when no one is in my home (we do have cameras) and I don't think our cats have learned to watch tv and order movies. My experience with Verizon has been extremely poor so far and its only been a month. The problems seem to be within the billing department and they are not customer friendly at all. If this is not resolved in the next couple weeks we will be having this service disconnected and get our service from another provider because this has been too much back and forth trying to get this billing straight and I don't feel I should have to spend hours on the phone trying to get bills corrected, it shouldn't be such a hassle just to receive the correct bill amount and pay a bill, this is beyond ridiculous. 

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