Charging after account was closed

I've contacted verizon about 4 times after i disconnected my account (7/11/2018) one day before the contract terminated. I specifically called, one day in advance because I did not want something like this to happen, and of course it did. When I spoke to the manager who helped with the closing process I MADE SURE i asked her about any remaining balance and she said I was fine, and I didn't have to pay anything else. Well guess what, a couple of weeks later, i start getting emails, and 300 calls a day from verizon reminding me of my "past due balance". I call verizon and asked why I had a balance due when i closed my account a month prior, this person tells me the closing process takes a while, that I shouldnt worry about this. I keep getting phone calls and emails, I call again and someone says I just have to wait for the final paper bill and make sure it has a balance of $0.00 and if it didnt, to call them back so they can remove the charges. I get my paper bill in the mail and it has the same balance, i just called and spoke to someone, who tells me that i have this balance for the remaining days that i had their service because it was disconnected on the 17th, and the contract terminated on the 12.... How is it my fault that they did not disconnect the account the day that i called, and waited 5 days to do it, so now I gotta pay $70.65 for 5 days that i did not use the services???? this has been a terrible experience, i will never have verizon again

Re: Charging after account was closed
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Hi linams3,

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