City Trans Priv Surcharge
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I am being charged a Tucson City Trans Priv Surchg @ .95 a month.  I do not and never have lived in Tucson, AZ.  I ordered and paid for my phone online, and picked it up in a Tucson store.  Custom service stated I have to pay the surchg due to the location of pick up and I think this just smells a bit off.  How can I go about having the surcharge dropped?  Also what is the difference between the two Pima County charges?

Surcharges $7.70
Fed Universal Service Charge $0.56
Regulatory Charge $0.09
Admin & Telco Recovery Charge $3.30
AZ State 911 Fee $0.20
Pima Cnty Tran Priv Sur Tele $0.04
AZ Trans Priv Sur on Tele $0.33
Tucson City Trans Priv Surchg $0.95
Pima Cnty Trans Priv Sur $0.18
AZ Trans Priv Surchg $2.05

Re: City Trans Priv Surcharge
Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to read that you're having issues with the fees on your bill and we want to help you out. Please send us a private note so we can get started. ~Peter