Clarity needed for returned equipment charges


Earlier this year I was having issues with my DSL service, which Verizon traced to the router I was using (Netgear purchased from Best Buy)

The service tech advised that they would send a Verizon router and that there would be no charge.

When I got the new router, I saw that there was going to be a 'returned equipment' charged applied - I contacted Verizon and was told to wait as the service representative could not see a pending charge of unreturned equipment.

I asked if I could return the new router instead and was advised to wait - my concern being was that I never asked for a new router from Verizon and now it seemed I was "tricked", for lack of a better word.

I called a second time and was told by a representative that the fee would be waived.

I then see the charge applied to my account which has already been charged to my credit card in my most recent bill, so I called today and was told that Verizon was wrong in saying the fee would be waived, and that I would be charged after all.

I was also told that I could not return the router you sent.

I feel that Verizon owes it to their customers to train their staff to be consistent in the messages they deliver and to apply those rules evenly across the board. It seems strange that 2 representatives say that there are no charges and 2 other representatives say that there are going to be charges.

I am a long term customer of Verizon (land line, cell phone x2, DSL and in the past FiOS) and haven't had a complaint until now - in my view this lack of care has sullied your reputation.

Thank you.