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I have made several attempts to contact verizon wireless regarding an account that was put in collections, even though I have been making payments on it. When I finally reached a representative, I was told that they could not remove the collection from my credit report. I never received notification that the account was going to go into collections, and have made large payments very recently to rectify this situation. I am willing to pay the account in full for a removal of this credit reporting, but no one from verizon is willing to work with me. I cannot understand how you can be untruthful and say that you CANNOT remove a collection from a credit report.

The follow hasn't been done properly by verizon, so why is this on my credit report??

1. make a formal request for supporting documentation which as per FTC regulations they must provide within 5 days.

I will be filing a dispute, along with a formal complaint if this issue is not lawfully remedied. I will continue to send letters everday as well. This is absurd. Especially when someone IS paying on their account.
2. file a formal complaint with the FTC against Verizon and the proxy collection agency and suggest others due the same. The FTC has the most authority to deal with these types of practices.

I am hereby requesting that a collections agent from Verizon contact me ASAP.

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