Collections report filed against me, please help
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Please help, verizon filed a collections report against me and it dropped my credit score over 200 points. 

I have paid the balance in full, however, this has destroyed my credit and is preventing me from buying my first home. 

The truth is, I dont even use verizon services. I was given a 5g home internet device on a free trial, I never even activated the device and it was not communicated to me that I needed to return the device. 

Please help me, my hope is to get the collections report removed from my file to restore my credit, if I cannot achieve this in the next week I will have to back out of the deal I made to buy my first house and lose a lot of money in the process. After speaking with experian, the only way for me to achieve this is to wait 7 years or have verizon drop the charge based on good will. 

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