I have had my service with Verizon for over 17 years and have had the same account. In 2000 I took my son off my account because he was working and paying his own bills. He opened his own account and after a few months the phones were shut off and forced buyout on his phones tablets etc. Now after all this time they are telling me I can’t upgrade or buy a new phone because this bill was under my bill and they want me to pay it. I never gave permission for him to be under my account, I only gave permission for him to take his phone when I took him off. If I was going to be responsible for his bill I would have left him on mine. They are saying because the address was the same I’m responsible that I got a bill every month on it. I paid all my bills in full every month. I never received a bill in my name for this account . So now  it looks like I am going to have to pay out what phones I have and change to another carrier. Anyone else have this experience???

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