Has anyone found out how to register a complaint with Verizon about their -5 star customer service? 

I ordered a Fios package when they came into my neighborhood. After rescheduling the install, Verizon kept texting me that the appointment reschedule failed. They that they cancelled my order. 

I called and spent a hour on the phone with "Ray" who couldn't understand what they did to my order. Promised to call me back the following week. Never called. 

I called yesterday (2 weeks after talking with "Ray") and spent 50 minutes with someone who had no idea how to help... asked if I wanted to go back to copper wire?!?!? Promised me a supervisor would call back in an hour. Never happened. 

I called again tonight and spent another 50 minutes with "Lyn" who gave me the same information as "Ray" and promised to put in a ticket to get some information about the services they sold me but now aren't offering and to call me in a week. I told her I'd been down that path already and wasted almost 3 hours of my life with Verizon Customer NON-Service and cancelled my order. 

Great entry into a new market, Verizon! 

Re: Complaint
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.