It is a shame that Verizon doesn’t have Complaint Dept.

I’ve been Verizon customer for 20+ years, when it was still Bell Atlantic.

I would like to explain what happened and how outrage I am from Verizon behavior. Verizon use a scam to cheat customers!

About a week ago I received the bill $20.00 more and I called to hear the reason. Who was on the phone was well instructed what to lie (I realized this later). He said he can give me a small discount if I agree to another 2 years contract and it came to $281.xx. He underscored that the discount of $10.00 is because I sign for another 2 years.

Next day I receive a strange letter from Verizon, written on June 26, so, before I called, that says briefly “Approximately 30 days from now, Cinemax 420-431 will be removed from your Fios package”. 12 channels!

I had doubts because you never send so amateurish letters, without my name or account number, without signature, extremely unprofessional, with fake return address. The same day when I received the letter, all 12 channels mentioned in the letter were disconnected.

I have Ultimate HD package and the channels are in the package. When I called, who was on the phone couldn’t explain and I asked for a supervisor.

He was “busy” and I was promised he will call me back. In fact, he did call me back, name Ivan and he explained another lie – the person who gave me a discount didn’t tell me that he took off 12 channels!!!! I requested them back and the bill became again $192.xx. While I was on the phone, another manager from Verizon left a message on the answering machine. Too much activity just to steal money!

So, Verizon created all this theatre and lies just to increase the bill for the same package with $20, taken from my Social Security Disability?????

There are people in this company, paid for making up these arrangements just to raise the bill for the same service???? I found out later that the letter with this false address – PO Box in Salt Lake, UT is a scam! The address doesn’t trace anywhere!

Again – Verizon created this whole scam just to STEAL $20 more from me???

I can’t believe how greedy, insolent and blatant you have to be, to steal money from retirees to accumulate more billions!

I have the letter - Verizon use a special scam to steal people’s money!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called today and a manager from Philippines tried to explain that the taxes and fees went up. Another lie! They didn’t move an inch. Verizon play with the prices.

What company is that - don’t offer physical address, no live person on the phone, no monitored email address. Why are they hiding? What are they afraid of?

Can anyone from Verizon just have the dignity to say the truth?

Re: Complaint

THe plain truth “all services raise over time” all services do it be it cable or fios.

the increase could have been a discount falling off after a certain time frame.

the price increase could have been a combination of taxes and surcharges. I don’t work for verizon but this above seems to be a reason(s)

if you are not in a contract, verizon and other companies can raise the prices anytime they wish. And that is true for anyone.

you either take what they dish out or you leave for another service. Calling or chatting will not get you a better deal without some concessions.

Re: Complaint

You are right - chatting it doesn't get me better. But since there is no one to explain why the increase happened, I decided to ask here.

There was no service expired at this time - I checked. The taxes and charges remained the same. I am in contract and there was no reason for an increased price out of the blue.

Unfortunately there is no another company offering the same services. Verizon know that is the only one, the reason for which they can play with prices and make customers paying more and more. No choice of other competing companies.