On 12/28/2016 I made changes to my Verizon service online.  I was charged for EPIX when I never selected it.  I have been charged $15 for 2 months and now I’m told I can’t get it back.  I never used EPIX.  I don’t even know what EPIX is.

In addition, I am pretty sure I selected the 50/50 plan and now I have 100/100.  I do not want to change it, now, especially when you will probably charge me a change fee like last time.

I truly believe your website changes what I select.  I am a computer programmer and so I know what I’m doing and I know it sounds crazy to say that, but that’s what it seemed like while I went through the process.  I had a hard time getting what I wanted.  I am frequently upset at your website.  There are things I think should be links and I can’t get the information I’m trying to get.  It runs you in circles when you’re trying to get to communicate with a person.  And the help is worthless.  The amount it tells you will be charged to you conveniently leaves off the fees and doesn’t mention the change fees.

Thank you for at least reading this.  If I didn’t get myself stuck in a 2 year deal, I would probably go back to Comcast.

{edited for privacy}