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To whom is may concern, 

I have been a loyal customer for almost 3 years. I am a firefighter in our rural mountain community and chose Verizon for its reliability in the area for calls. 
On September 22 2023,  after dropping our son off for school, we received a call that our cabin was fully engulfed in flames. We lists everything (including our two dogs and cat) but the shirts in our back. 
The month of October, Red Cross helped us with hotels and Airbnb until we could figure out our next move. 
After some crowdfunding on go fund me, we finally got into our new home. Unfortunately that home was not in our mountain town, due to the housing shortages for locals. 
We had to start all over, meaning, find new jobs and essentially start from scratch. Trying to pull out lives together, my son just started kindergarten and we got displaced. 
I have have been wracking my brain as to why Verizon can’t help us. All I need is a reasonable payment plan while we get back on our feet. The representative basically stated: I have to pay in order to keep my services on- despite just going through a disaster crisis. 
We have paid so much to Verizon, stayed loyal despite our high bills. I am trying to work on my credit score in hopes of buying a home - so me being forced essentially to end my contract due to finances, is heartbreaking actually. Because I know that this will go to collections and hurt my credit further. This fire was beyond our control. We lost of livelihoods as well as everything we owned and loved. 
Now I’m being forced out of my phone carrier before my contract ends?  How do you guys not have disaster relief funds for your loyal customers? 
I hope this is an eye opener for Verizon. Maybe something good can change with your policies in place to anyone else that is going through such a crisis. 
As big of a corporation as you are and as successful, you’d think you would have something in place for natural disasters, house fires and displaced customers. 
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Hi Bdoering,

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