Confused by 5 Verizon reps about pro-rating last Internet bill

When I cancelled my Verizon internet service, Verizon rep #1 told me not to pay the final bill in full yet because it would be pro-rated to reflect that I would not be using the service mid-billing cycle. Thus, I waited a few weeks for the final bill.

When I did not see the new pro-rated amount on the final bill, I used the online chat option with Verizon rep #2, who told me to call Verizon by phone to receive the pro-rated bill because I should not have been charged for the whole month if the service had been cut off mid-cycle.

I called, and Verizon rep #3 informed me that Internet-only service does not get a pro-rated final bill even if service had been cancelled and cut off mid-cycle. However, he could not identify this language in the Terms of Service and told me that he would have someone call me back with the appropriate documentation. I waited another few weeks but never heard back.

I called Verizon a second time, and Verizon rep #4 also could not find the appropriate documentation about how Internet-only billing cannot be pro-rated and also assured me that she would be calling me back within 24 hours to provide me additional information. I waited another week but never received any call back.

Finally, I called Verizon yesterday, and Verizon rep #5 told me that the information I sought was in the Terms of Service (which I had previously reviewed with Verizon rep #3) and that she would not stay on the line with me, nor would she identify the information for me. 

I am now very confused because there is no consistency regarding this issue between Verizon reps, nor are Verizon reps able to be helpful. This forum post also details this similar issue as well as additional prior posts on this issue:

Regardless whether the appropriate documentation exists and can be shared with customers like me, these billing practices indeed are deceptive and should be publicized widely and discussed with a consumer advocacy lawyer. I would be very hesitant to return to Verizon for continued service, and I would also be reluctant to recommend Verizon to others in the future given my experience.

Re: Confused by 5 Verizon reps about pro-rating last Internet bill

Nothing confusing here is the terms of service.

Note section 10.

you are paying through to end of your cycle. No prorated anything.