Constant Billing Issues and Failure to Pay Rebate
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I switched to Verizon November 27, 2022. I have brought four new lines from other carriers to Verizon as well as having nine different devices on my plan. I have experienced nothing but lies, grief, and regret since. I have experienced an in-store salesman forging my signature, numerous promised returned calls never returned, over 40 hours of phone calls attempting to resolve billing and promotion problems, over 15 hours of in-store visits for my phone billing to be correct. Now, after being promised that "all the rebates will be sent to you once the correct promotions are attached" I have called in and no one can find ANY rebate attached to my account and now Verizon is claiming "it is too late to get the rebates." Not only were the rebate emails never sent to me, which has been verified by Verizon, I was advised by multiple representatives that "there was nothing else I would need to do, the rebate cards would come in the mail."  I have called in numerous times regarding 4 rebates for switching over as well as the rebate to receive the money back on Beat earbuds purchased through Verizon over the course of the three and a half months and nothing was ever done to help me. I am now waiting for yet another call from a supervisor but I am growing very weary of time spent resolving this. Does ANYONE have any advise? Verizon has been nothing but a pain and a regret. If nothing is done, I will be canceling all nine lines with this horrible company. 


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