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While trying to find an answer regarding the Digital Voice "Manage Settings" problem, I tried to use the Verizon "Email Us" form:

I went through all the drop downs and my account info was prefilled (a plus), BUT...

No matter what message I enter, every time I try to use the Send button I'm met with a pop stating:

Please avoid the following ^()+=[]';{}|"<>~ special characters in your message.

I've used NONE of the mentioned characters. In fact, the only non-letter character used is a period!

I've tried submitting it via Internet Explorer 9 and Fireforx 18.0.2

Re: Contact Us > Email Us
Enthusiast - Level 3

They obciously don't want to hear it. I've had the same experience and had NO special characters after checking and rechecking. I wonder if it is their basic Mac unfriendliness?